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Fine art conservation and restoration in the Loire Valley

Carrousel du Louvre in Paris 24 >27 OCT 2019

Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel 2019
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Isabelle gained significant experience in Paris working on great masters

Isabelle Chavanon’s biography
Isabelle Chavanon studied fine art restoration at a specialist school in Paris and at the Ecole du Louvre . She began working in 1988, gaining experience with a number of Parisian studios including the Atelier Rostain, one of the most prestigious, historic restoration studios. She has restored works of great masters, particularly 17th century Dutch and Italian artworks. She founded her personal studio in 1997. Since 1999 she has been based in Saumur in the Loire Valley where she works for private collections and historical monuments.
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27 years experience in restoration and conservation in France

Isabelle Chavanon treating a painting
Isabelle Chavanon treating a painting
Studio Isabelle Chavanon specializes in research and reconstitution of missing elements in paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries on any type of support.

We can oversee your restoration projects from start to finish and will recommend specialist artisans for other restoration and conservation techniques including : gilding and restoring frames, paper restoration and conservation, sculpture restoration, scientific analysis…

You can contact Isabelle Chavanon at:
69/71 rue Morains-Dampierre-sur-Loire
49400 SAUMUR
Tel: 02 41 50 34 10 - Portable:06 81 99 18 68
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